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By LL News|Email the author|Jun 12,2013
Khartoum (Sudan), Sep. 7 : Sudan is facing international condemnation as the trial resumes today of Lubna Hussein, a Muslim woman who faces a flogging for breaking indecency laws by wearing trousers.

Speaking to The Times before her court appearance, Hussein, 34, a widow, said that she was overwhelmed by the public support she has received in her fight to change a law that she says discriminates against women.

Hussein wants to force the repeal of Article 152 of Sudan\'s penal code, which orders a fine and flogging for women dressed in an \"indecent\" manner.

She was arrested with 12 other women on July 5 at a restaurant in Khartoum. Public order police rounded up the women and subjected them to a humiliating public inspection of their clothing before arresting those in trousers.

Ten of the women were flogged and fined, but Hussein, a former journalist, and two others demanded to see a lawyer.

Hussein has sought to publicise her case and resigned from her job with the UN, which would have afforded her immunity from prosecution.

\"I wanted to be treated as any other Sudanese woman,\" she said. (ANI)