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By |Email the author|Oct 07,2014
Four men, accused of robbing a shop by impersonating as CBI officers, have been sentenced to four years in jail by a Delhi court which considered the ``serious nature of offences``.

Additional Sessions Judge Narinder Kumar handed down the jail term to Delhi residents Sudhanshu Shukla, Deshraj, Charan Singh and Saunda Rajan for entering the parcel shop of Kalpesh Kumar near Fatehpuri here on February 12, 2013 and taking away Rs 20,000 after conducting a false raid while posing as CBI officers.

``Prosecution has established that the accused persons kept in their possession forged I¬cards of different ranks i.e. of CBI officers, Inspector and Assistant knowing the same to be forged and intending that the same shall be fraudulently and dishonestly used as genuine and thereby made themselves liable for offences under Section 474 IPC,`` the judge said.

The court held the four persons guilty of various offences including sections 392 (robbery), 120B (criminal conspiracy), 474 (intention to use a forged document as genuine) and 170 (personating a public servant) under the IPC.

It, however, acquitted two other co-accused Dipesh and Dharmender of the charges while noting that the prosecution could not substantiate the accusations levelled against them.

According to police, Sudhanshu, Deshraj, Charan and Saunda, who were possessing fake CBI identity cards, were apprehended by public after the complainant and another shopkeeper raised an alarm.

They were then handed over to police.

During the trial, all the accused persons had denied the allegations and claimed that they were falsely implicated in the case.