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By V. Gunasekaran|Email the author|Jun 30,2013
I m born in 1973, father make a family settlement registered in 1972 between his brothers in which he added two of my brothers name. am i have equal property right ?
--- S.Albert, Chennai.


Hi, this is a very complicated topic, u have to explain various questions, like Partition property belongs to your father or fathers father ?

At that time what was the age of your brothers ?

Now your father dead or alive ?

If your brothers had disposed of their properties before your birth, you can not claim anything from them. If they have not yet disposed, you can claim it.

In case, your father is alive and retained one share or he had any other property, you can claim the property from him equivalent to that he had settled to your brothers.

In both the cases, you have to file case before Court of Law in which case it will take its own time and also legal expenses. A lawyer who practices civil disputes can help u a lot.